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& Organic Origin

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The Range

This new line offers a range of cosmetics made up of effective and professional formulas: Acids, Molecules and Peptides. High quality active ingredients designed to meet the needs, characteristics and deficiencies of each skin type. A transparent and honest line in which the percentages of the ingredients are displayed on the packaging itself.

Vit C + Hyaluronic Acid

The FEEL FREE VIT C line is designed for dull skin looking for more light. As the main ingredient, Vitamin C helps to unify the tone, prevent natural aging and provide luminosity, achieving smoother and more uniform skin.


The COLLAGEN line is designed for skin that shows the first signs of expression. The main ingredient is collagen, which helps stimulate collagen in the skin, improves hydration, offering a smooth sensation that radiates youth and beauty.

Hyaluronic Acid + 2

Line designed for all skin types, especially young skin, dry skin and/or dull skin that needs vitality to the face. The main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which will provide your skin with extra hydration, it also helps with collagen synthesis, helping to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.


The BAKUCHIOL line is designed for mature skin or skin that already shows the first signs of expression, as well as oily, dry and/or blemished skin. Its main ingredient is Bakuchiol, it helps reduce blemishes and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

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The Feel Free range of products provides a unique experience thanks to the ingredients of natural and organic origin. Cosmetics and nature united to offer the highest quality.

Commitment to the environment
and with skin care

Feel Free has been developed with the aim of merging cosmetics with nature, thus trying to promote the responsible use of the resources that the earth offers us.

The well-being of the environment is everyone’s duty and at Feel Free it is something we take very seriously. Respect for nature is essential to bequeath to our future generations a clean and pollution-free planet.

Animals Respect

We offer a wide range of vegan skin care cosmetics, 100% free of ingredients of animal origin.

ECOCERT certificates

Most of our products are certified by ECOCERT in compliance with the Cosmos regulations, the first standard European organic cosmetics.

Natural ingredients

Our line of cosmetics for skin care is made up of organically grown ingredients.

Ecological agriculture

We promote the use of products from organic farming and respect for biodiversity.

Respect for the environment

We use natural resources responsibly and respect the environment.

Recyclable packaging

Each container comes from recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Transparent labeling

We label the percentages of natural and organic components in our products and list all ingredients by concentration in the formula.

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