Collagen Line

This line helps stimulate collagen production. The star ingredient of the line is Collagen, a fibrous protein very abundant in connective tissue that confers mechanical resistance and serves to hold cells together in units. Collagen forms a complex structure in the form of a three-dimensional network, conferring tensile strength to the skin.

It also improves hydration and helps impart a smooth skin feeling that radiates youth and beauty. It is perfect for skin showing the first signs of expression. In the formulations of this line you will find different ingredients such as tomato extract and pomegranate extract, which will enhance the aforementioned properties.

Facial Cream

Moisturizing facial cream with a silky texture that improves elasticity, promotes natural collagen and nourishes the skin.


Eye Contour Serum

Eye contour serum that helps delay the appearance of the first signs of aging thanks to its vegetable collagen content.

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